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Yuletide prayers and wishes

My needs are met this holiday season. I have enough food to eat, heat, clothing to wear, family and friends to care about and love. So my first prayers go to all those who do not have enough, who have to worry about where they will sleep, worry for their safety, worry for how they are going to be able to keep going.

My second set of prayers go to Newtown. There is something… interesting, in the fact that my last post touched on gun possession in the state of Connecticut. This is my state, we’re not a gung-ho on guns place. I pray that people NOT think or talk about what happened here for a little while. I pray for the kau of those who died in the shootings, may they be justified, and may ma’at prevail. May we gain some distance as a culture. May we not try to reduce this to some “simple” answer and some “simple” solution. The issues which have been coming up from this shooting are complex. May we know compassion for those with mental issues, and may we not lump all together because of the actions of a very few. May calm heads prevail.

I pray for the people of Syria, for their safety.

I pray for the two firefighters killed in New York yesterday.

I pray for the woman gang raped in India yesterday, and for every person raped. May this violence stop. NOW. May we treat women, men, and those other or in between like people and not things to be used. And may all those who have been victims of sexual violence know peace and justice.

I pray for all of us to have better and happier lives.