Institutionalized Trauma and Spiritual First Aid in 2016

Peter Dybing, a guest poster here on this site, has written an article over on his blog, Pagan in Paradise (hosted by, imploring not only activists but those around us to support each other.  Not necessarily to support our causes through activism, but to be sure that we’re holding each other up and taking care of our own mental and physical health.

Whether we’re seeking justice for those wrongfully killed by the police, confronting those who would destroy our planet in the search for an ever larger bank account, working to remove the corrupting influence of money from our political institutions, or simply working with other neighbors to keep our friends and family safe, doing the work of an activist — large or small — is taxing.

From his article:

Perhaps in 2016 our community can put aside some of their admiration for activists and just have them over for coffee, lend a willing ear, hold their inner tears as evidence of our collective obligation to provide respite and healing for our warriors.

Addressing these issues takes no training, only an open heart and willingness to engage and listen. Being supported in engaging in our blessed community is Spiritual First Aid for our activists. While we may never be able to wash away their pain we can welcome them into our homes, rituals and events as Pagans seeking comfort, joy and belonging.

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