Method in the Midst of Madness

By Kelley

My first blog post and I have been pondering this subject for a very long time. I am 53 years old, been politically charged since birth. I put my first seed in the ground when I was 5. My great grandmother fought very hard for and sacrificed greatly for a woman’s right to vote…so you are getting the picture. I met my husband when I was 17, we divorced 15 years ago and this will be the only time that I will quote him….

“Communication is the message received.”  Think about this statement. We can type, talk and text until we are exhausted. However, unless the person on the receiving end is open to the type of communication we are attempting, our message falls flat or worse is misinterpreted.  I challenge you…when in your lifetime has communication with all humans been more vital to our survival?

I recently borrowed a device that transfers old VHS video to disk. In a matter of hours 23 years of questions and uncertainty over reasons for the break down of our family unit where exposed.  The videos communicated to my sons 23, 19 and 17 what years of talk and their own experiences had not accomplished. They processed the break down of our family via family video. Why had I not done this before? I couldn’t bear to watch, so I let the tapes stay safely packed away. Some of us learn and process information best by watching.

Many readers of  this blog have the ability to know the thoughts of others, how blessed/cursed we are. But having this ability is critical as a tool to open minds at this very critical moment. We need every tool in the box. We need to employ the US Postal Service and Hallmark, if your aunt or mother are of the generation who would be open to a message from you in this form USE IT!

We need to use social media to reach our old college roommates.  We need to pick up the phone and call our grandparents. We have so many people out there who are becoming isolated and they are listening to the television. I know that I do not need to explain that any further. Pick your cause and reach out and touch someone, everyone who you can. A warm smile in the grocery store can unlock a conversation with a stranger and a discussion on GMOs could manifest. A accepting nod in a debate to an opponents point can break down a barrier.  It is comforting to associate with the people who we share the most viewpoints with, we need to bypass this comfort zone. We must reach out. We need all of our tools and we need them right now.

Our little town actually has a gun store next to the high school. The owner respected my positions on our town planning board. It was an in…I stop in all the time talk to the men hanging out there and offer my counter opinions, to guide the lost boys who are hanging there too.

We need to know that we, as Pagan activists, many of us hermits, are not alone. I say “just look up” look up at the sky when you feel that we are not making progress. Most of the world’s population has the ability to tilt their head to the sky. At that moment someone else is doing the same thing. Could you imagine the possibility of us all uniting by simply looking at the sky at the same time everyday and directing positive energy to each other? Magic is the best tool. It is free. We are all beacons of light and we need to light it up..for our Mother, our Earth is in dire need of our help.