Come One, Come All: Calling all Pagan Activists

On May 25th of last year, I wrote a post over at No Unsacred Place briefly telling about my time in Chicago and of meeting Shauna Aura. I offer it here for you all to read and comment on.

shaunaI spent the greater part of last week in Chicago advocating for progressive change in the US and around the world. There were all kinds of groups in Chicago doing the same: Occupies from all over the country, civic groups, military groups, religious groups. But what I didn’t see was a Pagan group.

While marching, I saw this woman. We talked and I found she too is Pagan. I asked her about a Pagan contingency of activists. She said there were individual Pagans in the crowd but they were not marching together as an organized (or quasi-organized) group. And surprisingly, there’s wasn’t a group of climate change activists though there were individual climate change people in the #noNATO march on Sunday.

I would’ve liked to have marched with Witches for Change (I just made that name up) or Pagans Against Climate Change (another name I made up) or any Pagan group committed to peace, social justice, and solving/undoing climate change. But there is a vacuum of sorts. It seems no such group exists or no group attended the week long events in Chicago. Not that I saw anyway.

It makes me wonder if we are really that difficult to organize. And it brings me back to my inaugural post Leader of the Environmental Movement where I wondered aloud why Pagans aren’t leading the charge against climate change.

It’s been a year since I wrote that post. And a few months after writing it, I started Pagan Activist because I felt there was a tremendous hole to be filled in the progressive and Pagan communities. Slowly we are coming together to bring our individual issues to the forefront: Shauna often writes about community organizing, Debra writes GMOs, Soli writes food, Dash writes interfaith issues, and I tend to be all over the places (thanks ADHD!) And guest posters such as Peter Dybing add flavor and authenticity to our little bump on the information super highway.

3 thoughts on “Come One, Come All: Calling all Pagan Activists

  1. Richard

    Most pagans don’t see climate change since a lot of them live in the urban areas. I talk with other pagans and they rather live in a warmer climate than a cold one. Heck they even don’t like snow anymore. Most don’t even understand that we must have a good frost that runs deep into the ground more than 6 inches to kill off mosquito larve. If we don’t they wonder why we keep getting more mosquito’s every summer. They just don’t understand why we must have the regular seasonal changes every year instead of a warmer and warmer climate.

  2. buckthornman

    I believe that most pagans in the chicago metro area don’t know what climate change is any longer since for the past few mild winters we have had, most want winter to go away.

  3. Debra Cohen

    The core of my belief is in the Circle that most certainly includes all four seasons. I find the older I get, the better I am at handling New England winters and appreciating that every cold day is leading me to back to Spring. Either my body is constantly making adjustments or my center is growing stronger. I’ll take either one!

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