Why I am a pagan activist

For those of you who do not regularly read Patheos, the site has set out a challenge for many of its writers to sum up their religious beliefs in 200 words. This has run the gamut from conservative Christian to my good friend Sufenas summing up es path. I decided I wanted to try my hand at this, after often questioning if I have a place here.


I have a voice. My gods and spirits encourage me to use it. I cannot be quiet seeing our Earth and Cosmos mistreated.
Not when bees are dying because of shortsightedness.
Not when plastic flies through the air like leaves.
Not when nutritious food and clear water are seen to be a privilege.
Not when the dominator paradigm, the Ism and Phobia brothers are the default mindset.
Not when so many people do not have a roof over their heads.
Not when the talk around energy is about more production instead of less consumption, and oil spills invade suburban back yards.
Not when states are trying to enact laws to make one religion the law of the land.
Not when I do not have autonomy over my own body in the eyes of the law.
Not when I cannot be out about my personal or religious life for fear of losing friends, family, job.
Not when people must worry for their safety and for their lives because of their gender.

I must live within ma’at and be mindful of wyrd. Let me lay down words and actions to boost both and make the lives of all people better and brighter.