Green Party of the United States: Why the Time for Voting Third Party Has Come

Pagan Activist has a new post on Sundays but, it being a week before the Presidential election here in the US, I wanted to put this post up in response to Witches & Pagans two posts suggesting Pagan Americans vote for either Mitt Romney or Barak Obama.

I read with interest Joseph Bloch’s piece “The Pagan Case for Mitt Romney” and Gus diZerega’s article “The Case for a 100% Democratic Vote”. Both men make valid points on why Pagans should continue to vote the two party system. However, in a time when dramatic change is most needed, I offer a third choice: Green Party of the United States.

The Green Party of the United States (GPUS) embodies much of what Americans across the political spectrum desire: money out of politics and grassroots democracy. GPUS does not accept donations from corporations/corporate persons and vehemently opposes the idea of corporate personhood. GPUS believes in grassroots democracy, that is power from the ground up rather than a top down hierarchical model of the Democrats and the Republicans. GPUS platform includes single payer healthcare including expanding reproductive rights, peace and disarmament, religious freedoms — oh so important to non-Abraham religious folk! — marriage equality, and environmental justice amongst so many other issues that affect us daily.

On 85% of the ballots nationwide GPUS is not a party to ignore. Rising steadily since the 1990s, Greens have won seats in local and state elections across the US including Massachusetts, California, Maine, New York, and Maryland. Candidates are running for a variety of seats in Indiana, New York, Michigan, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Maine, Florida, Tennessee, New Jersey, Connecticut, Texas, and District of Columbia. (source) When the GPUS gets 5% of the vote, “[it] will unleash $20 million in clean public funding for the 2016 Green presidential campaign, giving us the strength to get on every state ballot, break into the debates, and build demand for the Green New Deal.” (source). Read more about the Green New Deal here.

Has your presidential candidate been arrested trying to exercise his First Amendment right to the Freedom of Speech? Presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein and Vice-Presidential candidate Cheri Honkala were after trying to get in to the debate in New York a few weeks back. Video can be seen here. The two corporate parties are so afraid of letting in a third voice the two petite women were physically blocked by large, male police officers outside the debates so the two candidates sat down on the ground and were arrested for blocking traffic. One officer can be seen smirking as Dr. Stein and Ms. Honkala were attempting to get through the wall of chests. A Third Party Debate was held in Chicago earlier this month. You can see the video here in which Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party, Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party, and Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party so you can learn more about each party and the candidates who represent those parties.

GPUS is a party that takes very seriously climate change. I sit here under the gray clouds of Hurricane Sandy (though I will not be hugely affected by bad weather because I live far north of where Sandy will make landfall and I live well inland so ocean flooding will not affect me) and I’m aware of how little climate change has been discussed in the debates between Obama and Romney. Jill Stein tweeted on October 28th: “Neither #Obama or #Romney mentioned #climatechange during their #debates, yet random, dangerous weather affects nearly 1 in 5 tonight.” Climate change is the most important issue of the 21st century. Sean Donahue said “The development of societies based on ideologies of infinite growth and infinite control is a brief evolutionary misdirection, an aberration in the global history of our species. We can, will, and must transform” and he’s right. GPUS takes a similar stance and focuses on green technologies, renewable energy, and ways to protect Mother Earth from unmitigated rape at the hands of greedy humans who believe Her resources are infinite and for theirs to take regardless of the detriment to Her and all those who inhabit Her.

Everything on Mother Earth starts out small before becoming large. And large things become small. It is all part of the circle of life, of interconnectedness of our planet. GPUS is rising from the quagmire the Republican and Democratic Parties have created around the world. By voting for GPUS you walk the walk and talk the talk. Nothing will change if voters continue to cast ballots for the lesser of two evils. To do so is to vote for evil and to vote for the status quo. I get a lot of flack for voting a third party especially since I live in a “swing state” but I remind my critics the Republican and Democratic parties started out as third parties. I’m willing to bet my last $5 those who were brave enough to vote for the Republicans and Democrats when the parties were mere zygotes were resoundingly criticized as I am.

I will not trade my social, political, and religious values to vote for the wanton destruction of Mother Earth, of greed, and of hatred of freedom. I value Earth, Water, Air, and Fire far too much to continue down a well trodden path of destruction. I value my freedom of speech, my freedom of movement, my right to an education, clean water, unpolluted air, healthy earth, and healthcare far too much to vote blue or red. The rainbow has so many colors and green happens to be one of my favorites. The green of the trees, of the grass, of the water, and of my politics.