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Every activist, even one as uncertain of the title as I am, has their causes. Here are a few of mine.

Libraries. It makes sense, as this has been my vocation for several years and I have a Master’s degree in the subject. Libraries are all about community and information. Everyone has access to the materials present in the building. Don’t have money for books? Hop on down, get a card, and almost anything on the shelves can leave with you. Lacking internet access? Sign up for some computer time and take care of what you need. Need to find a job? There’s internet, books on writing resumes and cover letters, and job postings on the community board. It’s the ultimate democratic source.

Real food. Back in 2009 I discovered tradition foods which has been a boon to my health. It’s very common for pagans to become vegetarian or vegan, but that diet does not work for me. I believe our ancestors knew what they were doing when it came to the foods they ate.

Heifer International. This is my favorite charity. The idea of my money going to fund people in need, becoming a long term help, and potentially spawning to help others, what more could someone want from a charity? Plus, the donations made can all contribute to a healthier environments. Donations of trees planted, bee hives when there are such problems of colony collapse, and grazing animals to help boost the land’s fertility are exactly what we should be doing to better the land.

Defenders of Wildlife. My other favorite charity. Predators are a vital part of ecosystems and need as much protection as any other animal.

Where do you put your energies for your activism?

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  1. Jeffrey M. Borowski

    Cheers Soli~!
    Your comments above are well-received, and for the most part, I heartily agree with them. I, too, could not be vegetarian, nor vegan, though I do support other’s choices to be so, as I’m sure that you do as well.
    We, as well, heartily agree that our animal kin greatly appreciate all the help we can offer; we put out vegetables and wheat bread for them at the Sabbats. We also try to give often to local charities that help those that are so much less fortunate than we are.
    And we also agree, Libraries are Most Wonderful, and an Excellent source for the help that many, many people require. Thank You.

    The one issue that I do have, is the ability to, or lack therof, of others finding employment, though many try so Very hard to do so. My wife and I own a Very Small gift shop, our 1st, and though we are learning, and also try Very Hard, there have been quite a few days when absolutely no one had purchased anything at our shop. For now, we watch our money, and live very modestly in an old motorhome. We will, however, move past this, as We Believe in the Powers that be, as well as ourselves. We know That We Can Do Anything, and We Are VerySuccessful At All That We Do. We Will manifest our dreams this year. We Know it.
    Just as all of you can manifest yours as well. Please Believe.

    I have recently self-published my first book through Lulu, and as we cannot afford a promoter at the moment, we are also trying our best to do that for ourselves.
    As I said, We Believe.

    I guess the main reason that I am responding to your excellent post in the first place, is that,yes, I
    know that we started our shop at a very slow time in our economy. However, though the economy is still very slow, we, and those that are seeking employment have a much better chance now than we did prior to 2009. Yes, we heartily stand behind our President. He cares about the working-class~. The 1% really do not need any further asssitance….agree? It is SO Very important for all of the working people to realize that we are on the right path~. We Cannot go back to the policies that got us into this mess. The working people need to stand up for their rights, OUR Rights~ and Not allow OUR RIGHTS to be taken away.
    We support a Woman’s RIGHT To Choose, as well as the Women’s clinics that perform the screenings that some Women could not afford otherwise. They Need funding to do so.
    To whomever may be reading this, How does Your Choice for President feel about these issues….? Please find out.
    If you are Pro-life, We stand behind Your RIGHT to be so.
    ~Other’s beliefs and Choices, however, are of absolutely no concern of yours~ or anyone elses. Period.

    We are sending out the Best Thoughts & Wishes for all that may read this. Please Believe.

    Oh, the webiste for my book is: 🙂 🙂 Cheers~!

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