Welcome to Pagan Activist

Pagan Activist came to fruition because every time I join a protest I am the only Pagan I know of in the crowd. Often I feel like I’m the only Pagan fighting for Mother Earth, standing up for social security, for ending wars, for income equality, for reproductive rights. I know this can’t actually be the case. As a matter of fact, I see Pagan activists from other parts of the nation and the world in pictures, tweets, blogs so I know they *do* exist.

The isolation I felt at protests made me reach out to other Pagans in the blog world. Doing so helped ease the sense that I’m the only Liberal Pagan Activist. I was fortunate to have some really fantastic Pagan bloggers respond to my request. So please welcome Dash, Literata, Shauna Aura, Soli, and me to the world of Pagan activist blogging.

Once a week a this blog will be updated with a post from one of the authors on a subject of their choice from a Liberal Pagan perspective. So please join us weekly in our journey as Pagans, Liberals, and activists. We welcome polite, respectful comments and discussion.

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