Peace & Planet III

Twice now I’ve written about the Peace & Planet event happening in New York City April 24-26. And some really useful comments have come my way as to why nuclear weapons are no longer at the tip of everyone’s tongue like they were when I was coming of age in Suburban Boston during the 80s. The discussion took place mainly on Facebook (of course) where a few people commented on how nuclear weapons haven’t been much of a topic of conversation since the new century began because, well, they’re blase. ” It’s an old topic” Crystal said. And she’s right. It’s a topic going back to before WWII.

Another commenter on the thread, Will, stated that maybe I was asking the wrong questions in the previous posts. And he too is right. Because nuclear weapons have become irrelevant the question I should be asking is “why have nuclear weapons become irrelevant?” And then this popped up in my news feed. And I thought to myself this couldn’t be more timely

If that’s not enough reason to get nuclear weapons on your radar then I don’t know what is.

If you’re in the Boston area and would like to ride down with a bunch of great folks, there’s a bus leaving Alewife and stopping at Riverside. Details here