Peace & Planet II

My last post on Pagan Activist I wrote about Peace & Planet events happening in New York City April 24-26, 2015. They’ll be an interfaith service which I hope Pagans will take a lead on. There’s a Panel Discussion planned for Thursday, March 5th, 7p-9p at the All Saint’s Church which I also have hope for Pagan attendance. (If you’re wondering why I’m not participating it’s because I live in Boston. Also, as the event is happening on my weekend to work, I won’t be able to attend, sadly.)

Last week on my Facebook I posted this image with the following text 10995334_524584414349951_1370030677117530447_n “Do ‪#‎Pagans‬ have an opinion on nuclear weapons? What about those in leadership positions? Where do individual Pagans stand on weapons of mass destruction such as these?” I did not receive any comments to the questions I posed.

Pagans, and Pagan Leaders, have lots to say about sex. Some of the most popular posts here on Pagan Activist have been regarding this topic. There’s lots to say about racism in our community. Pagans tackle homelessness, interfaith issues, farming and food, and lots of other topics. But aside from Starhawk*, I know very few Pagan peace activists. And not once have I heard any commentary on Pagans and nuclear weapons. And it makes me wonder why aren’t we talking about nuclear weapons. Or war in general.

Having left New Hampshire where most of the Pagans I knew were gun toting, “Liberty” loving isolationists who proudly support American Imperialism (which I know is a contradiction) my desire when I moved to Boston was to find Pagans of a similar mind to me: peace loving, community building, environmentalists. I have not found such individuals yet but I keep in mind the old saying “If you build it they will come”. And so I’m building a figurative place where Pagans can come together and talk about issues of peace including the elimination of nuclear weapons from our beloved Mother. That place is Pagan Activist. Will it turn into a physical place, where a conference, symposium, or talk can be given? Hopefully. Every journey starts with a first step and the people at Peace & Planet have made that first step by planning the April events. I am joining their journey to spread the message that we humans can live without nuclear weapons. In fact, we cannot live with them. After all, the whole point of nuclear weapons is to destroy life.

*Not that I actually know Starhawk.

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