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UntitledOver Labor Day weekend I’ll be joining thousands of people on a march from Fall River, Massachusetts to Hyannis, Massachusetts in an epic march to end reliance on fossil fuels. Called the Energy Exodus the march promises to be a “lunch counter moment” for the new century. This 70 mile walk is being planned by youth activists from around New England to bring the plight of our ailing planet to the forefront.

This march is part of a larger movement to end reliance on fossil fuels. Two campaigns have commenced around the nation. Fearless Summer has been implementing protests, sit ins, hikes, and other small scale events to educate the public about the destruction fossil fuels require to power our homes. Summer Heat is also a number of large scale events to bring media attention to actions across the nation. Energy Exodus is one of Summer Heat’s large scale actions. The two groups are working cooperatively.

Around the nation churches of different denominations have begun to divest from the fossil fuel infrastructure. Leading the way is the United Church of Christ whose leadership decided to divest. Individual churches have also made divestment promises such as the South Church of Portsmouth (NH). With the call for divestment from President Obama promises further divestment actions. (If you need infomation on divestment check out that link).

1013016_635895346423199_467862768_n I am calling out to the readers of Pagan Activist to join me on the Energy Exodus. Pagans Against Climate Change* can march together spreading the love in our hearts for Mother Earth, creating spells, and doing whatever it is your personal worship compels you to do as a Pagan in healing ritual for Mother throughout the march and a large ritual at the end in Hyannis.

Fear keeps many I talk to about this event from joining. Some fear they will be arrested on sight. Others fear they will not be able to march the whole 70 miles. I too had those fears until I talked with the organizers. There are calls for civil disobedience but you make the choice to be arrested. There will be plenty of opportunities to step aside and let those prepared for arrest to be so. If you do not think you can walk 70 miles (I believe it’ll be about 10 miles a day with stops at night to eat and sleep) join the march along its route and walk as far as you can. If you live along the route, offer up your yard for tents, offer to cook meals along the way, or other methods of support. It’s a long walk for those of us doing it (and I fear I won’t be able to but I’m saying “to hell with the fear, I’m doing it anyway!”) and we will need lots of support. And from a personal perspective, I don’t want to be the only Pagan. I would like the spiritual support of my fellow Earth worshipers and the physical and mental support of those whom I circle with.

Another comment I hear is “oh, well that’s on Labor Day weekend.” Yes, it’s the last weekend of the summer which is why the organizers planned the event over the long weekend. It has been designed to bring as many people together as possible. From my perspective, however, I can think of no better way to celebrate Lughnasadh than to be part of the global conversation against the destruction of Mother Earth. So many rituals and events, small and large, can be organized around this holy day on a holy march.

So much of what Dash, Shauna, Soli, Debra, and I talk about is encapsulated in this event. Join me as I put my Pagan practices into action.

*I just came up with that. What are your suggestions?

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  1. Debra

    Michelle, this sounds like an awesome event. If I am unable to join the march I will contribute in some other way. The accumulation of ideas begins now!

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