Am I an activist?

I must admit, when Michelle first asked me to contribute to this blog, I was not sure if I had anything to contribute.

Am I a pagan? Yes, specifically a polytheist and syncertic one. Am I liberal? Sometimes I wonder, but yes, my political still fall somewhere in the range of liberal/progressive/socialist. But am I an activist? I don’t know.

When I think of activists, I normally think of people who are actively engaged in political causes. The usual image comes to mind of people in a group to show their support of a specific issue. That is not something I do. I admire the people who do though. People like Michelle or Thorn Coyle. Someone like my aunt Mary, who would still be standing on the street in protests in her 80s, umbrella in hand to protect her from the sun. There was even a time in my youth when my mother and I were driving down to DC to see my cousin Mary Louise, and when we got to her apartment she said “Ah, you’re here, I need to go bail my mom out of jail.”

This was during Iran Contra.

That is not in my personality or my actions.

Hades, I’m not even fully out about all of my life. Some activist, who can’t even be honest about themselves.

At the same time, I do vote. I read the news. I stay aware of issues. I regularly donate money to charitable causes. I speak up and voice my opinion.

For now that is enough for me.